Sunday, May 20, 2007

كلا ان معي ربي سيهدين

esalam 3laikm wr7mat Allah wbrkateh

when the eman reaches the heart nothing can break are simple examples of some people whose eman was really high nothing could shake it.the prophets were a great example and the companions of the prophet mohammad 9allah Allah 3laih wsalam. our beloved prophet planted the eman in the companions hearts he teached them how to put trust in Allah sub7anah wt3ala.remember when they were in the '3ar and they were nearly going to be seen but the prophet 9allah allah 3laih wsalam told sayidna abubaker يا أبا بكر ما ظنك باثنين الله ثالثهما ... this is one great example.and heres another one is when sayidna moosa 3laih esalam and his 8awn were being followed by fir3awn o his jyoosh they(8wm mosa) reached an end were there was no run away path 8awm moosa got scared but sayedna moosa told them كلا ان معي ربي سيهدين and sub7an allah he put trust in allah sub7anah wt3ala and Allah sub7anah wata3ala gave him the solution which was el39a and ensh8a8 elb7r.we should take those stories as good examples in our life when we pass by hardships we should remember that the helper is Allah sub7anah wata3ala and the shafi is allah sub7anah wata3ala and that no one would harm us etha etwakalna 3ala rab el3alameen. وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وآله وصحبه أجمعين

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