Sunday, June 24, 2007


elsalam 3laikm wr7mat Allah wbrkateh..
PeOple PeoPlE pEoPlE

kel ham elinsan fe hal 7yah estwa elnas

elnass sho bygoloon el nass sho bysawoon


the only thing a muslim should do is what allah ordered and frobid what Allah has Forbidden.

and the topic i want to concentrate on is why ner'6y enass fe shay 7aram WHY

many people these days tell the girls shely ur eyebrows bte6l3een a7la just one time in ur life 3shan enass eychofonech 7elwa WHY why a39y raby 3shan 5a6er enas eygoloon 7elwa aw 5esfa why??? elinsan in these situations lazem yethbat o may39y rabbah (( man eltamasa ri'6a Allah bisa5a6 Alnass kafah allah mo2nat alnas waman eltamas ri'6a alnass bsa5a6 Allah wakalahu allah ela alnas))

w9allah allah 3la nbeyina mohammad wa3ala 2aleh wa9a7beh wsalam

((waman yata8i Allah yaj3al Laho Ma5raja))