Monday, December 14, 2009


besmella Alra7man Alra7eem
eman el3abd eyzeed wyenga9 sometimes ur eman reaches a level where u wish to die at this moment and meet Allah sub7anah wata3ala, but sometimes our faith starts to decrease that it reaches a level where u feel that ur not doing anything except praying and u wish to rais ur eman but u cant u feel that u dont have free time ast'3ferallah u try, and by trying days by days it starts to increase there are many ways to increase ur Faith.

1- Reading Quran

2- saying ur athkar

3- listening to lectures

5- giving out 9ada8a

6- doing good deeds

7- praying sunna

8- fasting sunnah

9- este'3far

and many others ...
w9allah Allah 3la nabeyena m7ammad wa3ala 2aleh wa9a7beh wasalam