Sunday, May 20, 2007

الثقة بالله

Esalam 3laikom e5waty Fellah :) .. today iam gonna talk about Trusting allah sub7anah wata3ala and altwakol 3ala allah..lets start by a story .. once when we were in france mrt 5ali yzaha allah 5air told me a story about kaif enech tethe8een bellah sub7anah wata3ala y3ni kaif tetwakeloon 3laih.. its a story of a religious man (i may not say the story exactly as it is but all i want u to get is the point of Trust). ok this man once was invited to a sa7ers(a witch) house so before going he read the athkar o elmu3awethat o 2ayat el kersi and we all know fa'6el those. so after doing ely 3laih etwakal 3alla allah o ma5af yoom we9al chan eygoolah esa7er i cant do anything to u kel eljen left the place please leave this place..) and here is another story too. in bankok my uncle o 3yal 5alty kano sayreen yetmashoon so they passed by a sa7er that reads the hand o che so they said 5alee negra 2ayat elkersi lets see what will happen so they started reading and reading in their hearts and watching suddenly the man lost his concentration and started shouting in his language and pointing at them everyone started staring at them he started telling them go away go away. ma3annah they were watching like all the others (sub7an allah).laken when u read mathalan i'll give u an example me days ago i was 5aayfa so gerait elm3awethat o still tmait awaswes so that isnt what i should have done that is because i didnt read it with e6me2nan o che i was reading it che bser3a bser3a o bdoon mafham what iam reading that wouldnt work.i will get our of the maw'6oo3 shwy but i remmembered this story once i heard this salfa mrt 5ali also told me enah elmala2ikat awal mashalaw 3arsh era7man tabarak wata3ala they couldnt so allah sub7anah wata3ala tough them kalimat that will give them stenght and its * la 7awla wala 8owata ela billah* 3gb magalooh gedro eysheloon 3arsh era7man so in ur hard times always say la 7awla wala 8owata ela billah but say it with '6meer. elyoom wayed batfalsaf cuz i wont be posting till the end of my exams which is on may 24 ensha2allah.ok back to the subject, ok this is what i found in a site in two sentences but they are so important الثقة بالله أمر عظيم غفلنا عنه كثيراً . فما أحوجنا اليوم إلى هذه الثقة لنعيد بها توازن الحياة المنهار..... ولكن ماهي الثقة بالله ؟؟؟الثقة بالله تجدها في إبراهيم عندما ألقي في النار .. فقال بعزة الواثق بالله حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل فجاء الأمر الإلهي يا نار كوني برداً وسلاماً على إبراهيم .. read more here wayed bss enshalla those simple words etfeedkom ana doom 5a6ree 7ad yet2athar by my way of en9a7ing bss madree if it really does enshalla it does. 5itaman atmana kelsha59 yegra this ey7awell enah 3al a8al he says simple words o ye2mer belma3roof o yehtam b9alatah o 9iyamah o allah ywafe8na jameee3an lima yo7ib wayar'6a.O Allah ynaje7na Kelna denya o 2a5ra o yej3alna men el9ale7een o yejma3na fel jannah wya omahhat elmo2meneen wel9a7abah ra'6iyallaho 3anhum. wa9allah allah 3ala sayidna mo7ammad wa3ala 2alihy wa9a7bih wasalam.

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