Tuesday, June 15, 2010

غرور الأماني

esalam 3laikm wara7mat Allah wabarakateh
Many people these days commit sins and say Allah غفور رحيم and they forget that he is also شديد العقاب as i read in the book Alfawa2d lebn 8aym aljawziya he said (*i will type it my way not as written in the book exactly*) he wrote under the fa9l ma'3roor alamani he said ya ma'3roor alamani : iblees got cursed becuz masejad sajda wa7ida and Adam got out of heaven becuz of one bite فلا تأمنه أن يحبسك عن النار بمعصيه واحده من معاصيه ((و لا يخاف عقباها)) and a lady entered hell bcuz of a cat that she didnt feed و إن الرجل ليتكلم بالكلمة لا يلقي لها بالا يهوي بها في النار أبعد ما بين المشرق و المغرب so take care and doo good deeds and stay away from sins you might be doing good deed all ur life and one day u do one sin and u die while doing this sin u face Allah on the same way u left this world u will face him with this sin العمر بآخره و العمل بخاتمته
Allahuma A7sen 5atimatana!!!
and all that Allah is ra7eem and ra7matah wase3at Kul shay2 so who ever is doing sins dont continue sinning go Back To Allah and he will accept u
watch in youtube this video it talk about this issue: shaikh bilal asad -title: Ahmad the Repenter- its a really lovely lecture
wa9allah Allah 3ala nabeyina m7ammad wa3ala 2alehi wa9a7bihi wasalam

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Amorelicious said...

In this context, it is said that before someone commits a sin, he should think about who he is sinning against. It won't hurt Allah SWT what we do, we just bring the hurt upon us.

I really like your posts, very spiritual! Also, your photography is superb. Keep them coming :)